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Charlotte Baxter

Charlotte is drawn to the natural world; exploring its rhythms and cycles in her work, as well as the ephemeral, dynamic beauty of the landscape.

Capturing the spirit or essence of a place is particularly important to her, as well as conveying a sense of movement and life in her pieces. Developing ideas from the ancient Celtic view of the natural world, she strives to capture the connection we have to the landscape, and the symbolism and meaning found in it.

She is particularly drawn to places where water meets the land, and her love of the sea and surfing gives her the opportunity for alternative and immersive experiences of the Welsh coastline - which has undoubtedly had an influence on her work.

Charlotte works primarily with lino and woodcut, and the printmaking process itself greatly influences her work, with each element bringing its own exciting opportunities. Initially, there is the almost sculptural process of carving the blocks. She uses a variety of small tools to cut away and reveal the image - often working freehand at this point to add texture and pattern using the natural chisel marks made by the tools. If using wood for her block, the grain will often become an integral part of the image and is a reminder of the passing of time and the cycles of the seasons. She will then ink the block using a roller, altering the thickness and transparency of the ink to create interesting and varied effects. Layers are added by printing on top of the initial print using additional blocks (multi block) or by cutting away the same block and then printing with a different colour (reduction method).

Charlotte studied Fashion Design and worked as a designer for some years before returning to her home village of Llangwyryfon. During this time, she rediscovered her love of printmaking and now works from her studio producing lino and woodcut prints.

Signature Pieces

A picture of 'Reflection' A picture of 'Stillness'

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