A picture of Vernon Jones

Vernon Jones

Vernon was born on a farm in Carmarthenshire, West Wales. He initially studied art in the Carmarthen Art School, and then won a scholarship to study art in the Kingston College of Art in London, during the early 1950s. After graduating from Kingston he concentrated on commercial art, travelled in Ireland, and lived in various places in England and Wales. Vernon enjoyed drawing, and the work he produced during this period focused on illustration.

While he was in school he was discouraged from speaking or reading Welsh, as the language of the classroom was English. However, during his teenage years, he started to read in the Welsh language, and as a first-language Welsh speaker he developed a deep connection with, and understanding of, Welsh and Celtic culture and myths. This interest can be seen in his work where, for example, references are made to the Celtic Horse Goddess, Epona, who is a figure closely related to the horse-mistress, Rhiannon from Welsh mythology. The work on show consists of highly original three-dimensional collages that make use of a range of found objects - French: objets trouvés - with reference to Welsh culture and myths. Vernon believes that works of art should create an emotional response in the viewer, very much like poetry and music.