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Andrew Richards

Textures of the Earth

In my new range of work, I'm inspired by what I have seen in the landscape in my many years of climbing and walking and I try to capture the essence of the textures from the earth through the medium of clay. The "Textures from the Earth" range is a culmination of over thirty years of experience in the making and firing of ceramics, encapsulating my Welsh roots.

I approach the making of my work with spontaneity and immediacy, imagining the form and its surfaces as I am working on them. The way I change and layer the materials I add to the clay, emphasises the plasticity and surface qualities of the material, while creating the feel of a landscape. I move the vessel's form from being a simple clay pot to something more abstract, something with an enduring artistic quality.

In my work, I begin with thrown or hand built clay forms, and I use the wheel to shape the exterior surface. While I may have an idea of the shape of the final product, it is during the making, through careful manipulation of the surface with natural materials, such as clastic sedimentary stones and oxides, that the appearance of the vessel is created. The "Textures from the Earth" series of work reflects the landscape of the Welsh mountains and coastline. The layering of 200 million year old clastic sedimentary stones, beach quartz stones, granite, brushed and layered Anglesey copper, and glazes adds colour and textural effects in a way that is harmonious with the general feel of each piece, making each vessel unique and individual.

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