A picture of Julia Elliott

Julia Elliott

Although born in South Africa, I spent my childhood growing up on a trout fishery in the New Forrest before returning to attend the Johannesburg school for Art at the age of thirteen. Once again back in the U.K. I did an Art foundation in Chester and proceeded to specialize in Illustration and Design in Southampton.

A career in illustration and design took me around the country, and sometime overseas and some of some of my work in conjunction with Arthur C Clark in 2001 was sent to NASSA and went aboard the Space Shuttle to the International Space Station!

Becoming disillusioned with the Design Industry I then spent 9 years running Film and Photography adventure tours - mostly Safaris in Africa before coming to settle in Wales.

Ceramic sculpting was my first love, I remember being given clay to play with when I was about 7 and making an owl! Since then, although I have studied and worked successfully in other fields, ceramics has always been my preferred 'go to' medium.

My current work in copper fumed raku is the culmination of a journey started over 15 years ago when I first decided to make sculpture my full time career. Beginning with very representational and colourful figurines, I found that as soon as I had mastered a skill I needed to set another challenge. I spent time doing sculptures of peoples pets which gave me the ability to create character and movement in everything from cats to show jumpers.

Over the last two years I have moved away from representational and become more stylized. Pushing the boundaries of the clay, to create longer legs, more dynamic poses etc. Although still keeping within the figurative styles I love, I have had to change the clays I use, finally finding T material gave me the malleability and strength I needed, as well as being able to withstand the thermal shock of the raku process.

In my sculpture I hope to create emotion in the viewer, from the naughty, funny, playfulness of a Thelwell style pony to the regal strength and dependability of a heavy horse. From the grace of a sight hound to the love and adoration of a spaniel.

Copper fuming added the final, wonderful, uncontrolled aspect I had been looking for in my work, everything from subtle muted colours to full blown colour riot. Its notoriously difficult and fickle nature has constantly held my interest and I find it almost painful, nowadays, to have to leave my studio and attend to life's other necessities!

My studio is based in the beautiful mountains of North Wales, but I can often be found at shows around the country.