A picture of Kim James-Williams

Kim James-Williams

Kim James-Williams is a figurative artist living in West Wales who specialises in drawing with ink and watercolour.

"I draw anything that catches my eye: boats, waves, dog-walkers, pram-pushers, sea frets and fishermen's nets, shadows of tree branches, chapels, pebbles and picnics.

Her drawings are about seeing the sublime in the everyday, and seeing with 'new eyes' things which may have been drawn and looked at many times before. She looks for the essence of a subject and the bare bones, which sometimes approaches abstraction.

The ink or watercolour becomes defeated by gravity, rolling down the page, and reminds us that a drawing is simultaneously ink scratched into wood pulp, a record of the process of looking and a picture of something or somewhere. Kim's drawings are meditational as well as exploratory, trying to discover something about the connectedness, strangeness and transience of life.

Kim studied art at Carmarthen College of Technology and Art (Foundation), BA Fine Art (hons) at Winchester School of Art and MA Fine Art at Aberystwyth University School of Art.