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Nia Purslow

Nia Purslow was born and bred in West Wales. Now living in the rural village of Bethania, she currently studies a Bachelors degree in creative arts and as well as an artist, is a published author. Her love of painting sprung from exploring art in all its forms, and having been a singer-songwriter from a young age,her creative flair was already ingrained. She particularly enjoys painting abstract with acrylic, and often uses bright and vibrant colours in her work. She has experimented with landscape and waterfalls as previous themes, many of which she has sold, while also incorporating the theme of reggae into her work, as it is one of her favourite music genres. Nia believes that nothing is off-limits with art, and never plans what she is going to create. She relies on her emotions and intuition to guide her through the painting journey until the piece has been created.

In her own words, she expresses: 'I believe there is no right or wrong way when it comes to art, it is a part of ourselves we are sharing with the world, freedom of expression. That is the beauty of it. The fun part is all in the not knowing how it will look while enjoying the practice of the painting journey.'

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